In this age of online communication question arises as to why only private and public sector companies should have websites for promotion of their activities and effective marketing of their objectives and why not Government Offices like Municipalities, Block Development Offices and SDO Offices stay behind. It is here that Sigma Computers acknowledges the immediate need of Government Offices having websites of their own. Where the majority of our population is directly or indirectly connected with the activities of various Government Departments, it is essential that there should be an effective line of communication with the general public and authorities in the Government Departments and also for purposeful interaction within the departments among all ranks of staff. Out of the far reaching benefits that websites for Government Offices have, the significant advantages are:

  • It is an ideal replacement of print media, where not only paper is saved but also reaches a much wider community where contents can be changed frequently and advertisements remain for a longer period of time being accessible to the general mass.
  • Breaking all geographical barriers, websites for Government Offices can be accessible from any nook and corner of the globe instantly.
  • It is of primary importance that Government circulars and orders released from time to time should be accessible to the general public for gathering latest information in order to take informed decisions.
  • Websites being accessible 24 x 7, makes it easy to save valuable time and cost of paper which help immensely in keeping our environment friendly.
  • Every citizen has a right to information on any activity in Government Offices and websites play an important role in acting as a viable platform for acquiring all relevant and authentic information on any subject one wants to have. Having the right information one can go ahead in the right path in pursuing any matter especially if it is a legal one.

Visiting the websites of Government Offices, you can get detailed information on the activities of the concerned department including the pattern of hierarchy and responsibilities of high ranking officers. You will also come to know how and to whom to send your grievances if any and who the proper authority for redressing them is. Importance and advantages of having websites for Government Offices are many which not only helps in smooth functioning of the activities but also promotes a sense of having faith on our democratic system. For more details you can visit